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vendredi 23 juillet 2021

Be Bop Cat


01 - Long Trucking Night
02 - Sneaky, Freaky People
03 - Please Help Me Mama
04 - Daddy's Words
05 - Give A Hand To The Lady
06 - I Always Come Back To Loving You
07 - Everybody's Got A Dream
08 - Don't Even Think About It
09 - Be Bop Cat
10 - Love's Just A Suitcase In My Hand
11 - Mama Was A Preacher
12 - Don't You Want To Go To Love With Me

6 commentaires:

Crab Devil a dit…


Tony Angel a dit…

i am enjoying your posts very much...i did not see a place for requests....

so, do you know where, or do you have access to the lp below.....


if i could buy it i would, sadly i can not.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Tony Angel: Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry but I can't find this album. I have some tracks of Blocker with John Mitchum, but not these ones.
Will try...
Keep safe!

Tony Angel a dit…

thank you uncle and be safe yourself

Roffe a dit…

Good to see you back again. //Roffe

Tony Angel a dit…

uncle gil......i have the lp you are talkin about.... Dan Blocker And John Mitchum
entitled ..."Our Land - Our Heritage" from 1964 on the rca label.....good stuff