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mercredi 6 février 2019

In A Real Big Way

A1 - Louie Louie
A2 - Have Love Will Travel
A3 - Besame Mucho
A4 - The Mess Around
A5 - In A Real Big Way
A6 - Give It Up
A7 - Sweet Sugar You
B1 - Yama Yama Pretty Mama
B2 - Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car
B3 - Next Time
B4 - Big John
B5 - Jelly Roll
B6 - Gettin' High
B7 - Bye Bye

By request

4 commentaires:

ludo a dit…

Thank you so much dear Uncle Gil!!!
Havea good day Sir!

Mike a dit…

Thanks! The original Louie, Louie...

Mike M

Hubert a dit…

This would appear to be the best blog to make these requests at. I'm looking for recordings by Henson Cargill and Donnie Brooks. Might you have any? Thanks.

Bob Mac a dit…

Thank you.