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jeudi 6 décembre 2018

You Know That I Know

01 - Alan Jackson – You've Been Lonesome Too
02 - Bob Dylan - The Love That Faded
03 - Norah Jones - How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart
04 - Jack White - You Know That I Know
05 - Lucinda Williams – I'm So Happy I Found You
06 - Vince Gill And Rodney Crowell - I Hope You Shed A Million Tears
07 - Patty Loveless – You're Through Fooling Me
08 - Levon Helm – You'll Never Again Be Mine
09 - Holly Williams - Blue Is My Heart
10 - Jakob Dylan - Oh Mama Come Home
11 - Sheryl Crow - Angel Mine
12 - Merle Haggard - The Sermon On The Mount

+ Commercial video clip

6 commentaires:

Charlie Ramone a dit…

Christmas comes early this year!
Thank you very much for your comeback!

Anonyme a dit…

Welcome back! You have been missed.

michael a dit…

Best blog out here...glad you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonyme a dit…

Welcome back.

Candy Hunt a dit…

je ñ'y crois pas. Tu es revenu. Nous saluons le retour

Anonyme a dit…