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vendredi 7 décembre 2018

Do The Boogie Mama

01 - Texas Tony
02 - Girl Of My Dreams
03 - Do The Boogie Mama (Take 3)
04 - Starvation In My Kitchen
05 - I'm Gonna Get Up In The Morning
06 - Lonesome Blues
07 - Shout Baby Shout
08 - Rocky Mountain Blues
09 - Do The Boogie Mama (Take 2)
10 - Stop Knocking On My Door
11 - Doorbell Blues
12 - Move Your Hand
13 - Get Your Morning Exercise
14 - When My Baby Comes Back Home
15 - Up And Down The Line
16 - Bye Bye Baby

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6 commentaires:

Bob W. a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

I was wondering if this was my rip I posted on another site. If so, that's cool, please feel free to re-post anything I post there.

Bob W. a dit…

Oops, I forgot to say welcome back. I'm very glad you've restarted your site. It is a great source for a lot of rarities that are long out of print.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this. Great Album. Something I didn't know about and I am enriched by being introduced to it, like many of your posts.

Pépé a dit…

Salut Tonton
heureux de te revoir

jhel a dit…

Hello Gil,
The Blues is back with the great label delmark!

MichaelR a dit…

Thank you for this and welcome back!

A very pleasant surprise to find your fine blog up and running again.