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jeudi 11 octobre 2018

Coast To Coast

Original LP = Sundown SDLP 067 (U.K. 1990)
This rip = CD with 5 bonus tracks = Sundown CDSD 067 (U.K. 1990)

Gib Guilbeau (fiddle, vocals)
Skip Battin (bass, vocals)
Sneaky Pete Kleinow (pedal steel guitar)
John Beland (guitars, dobro, harmonica, banjo, accordion, vocals)

With help from
Steve Duncan (drums)
Mickey McGee (drums)
Billy Thomas (drums)
Elmo Peeler (keyboards)
Charlie Harwood (keyboards)
John Davis (keyboards)
Larry Climas (saxophone)
Jeanie Clark (vocals)
Mary Green (vocals)

All songs written by Gib Guilbeau and John Beland.

All songs were recorded at the Criterion Studios in Hollywood, California, between 1979 and 1981 (yes the title of the album is wrong). They are the first versions of tracks they would re-record later, some of which would become hits in the USA country charts.

Many of these tracks were later included in numerous re-releases and compilations (at least 10 different single or double CDs, with mostly wrong lineups on the artwork).

* = CD bonus tracks

1. She Belongs To Everyone But Me (3:44)
2. Somewhere Tonight (2:35)
3. Baby, How'd We Ever Get This Way? (2:16)
4. Too Much Honky Tonkin' (3:05)
5. Midnight Magic Woman (3:33) *
6. My Abandoned Heart (2:33)
7. She's A Friend Of A Friend (2:51)
8. Louisiana (4:18)
9. Cheating Kind Of Love (2:21) *
10. Why Must The Ending Always Be So Sad (2:45)
11. That's When You Know It's Over (2:27)
12. You (2:00) *
13. I Swear I Don't Miss Her Anymore (1:59) *
14. She's A Hell Of A Deal (2:35)
15. Another Shade Of Grey (3:04)
16. Damned If I'll Be Lonely Tonight (4:19)
17. If Something Should Come Between Us (3:12)
18. When You're Giving Yourself To A Stranger (3:31) *
19. Run To The Night (2:49)
20. Coast To Coast (3:21)
21. Closer To You (2:57)
22. True Love Never Runs Dry (2:14)
23. Tell Me It Ain't So (3:17)

By searnav. Freshly Scanned Artwork Included (LP front, back, labels and CD front, back, booklet, CD)

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