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mardi 25 septembre 2018

Mama Guitar


01 - Mama Guitar
02 - Free Man In The Morning
03 - The Preacher And The Bear
04 - Good Morning Blues
05 - Police Department Blues
06 - The Fishin' Hole
07 - The House Of The Rising Sun
08 - The Crawdad Song
09 - How Long Blues
10 - Pick A Bale Of Cotton
11 - The Midnight Special
12 - I Want A Little Girl
13 - I'll Fly Away
14 - Molly Darlin'
15 - Careless Love
16 - Cindy
17 - Flop Eared Mule
18 - Little Maggie

Home made compilation
(Re-post by request)

7 commentaires:

Darryl Whalen a dit…

Very nice!
Thank you

Aaron Eel a dit…


Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Aaron Eel:

Pierre Monnery a dit…

From the liner notes of "Shout the Blues and Old Timey songs" CAPITOL T1105 : "Some of these songs,the old timey ones,came from my mother and other folks in the mountains of western North Carolina.Some of the blues I learned from records ( I might as well be honest ), but most of them I learned from Brownie Mcghee,who is playing guitar in this album and sings with me on "Pick a ball of cotton".I think Brownie McGhee is the finest traditional blies guitar player in the country and I always get a great pleasureout of singing with him.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Très intéressant, Pierre. Merci pour ces précisions...

Jim D a dit…

Uncle Gil
I Was hoping you could reup Andy, when you get a chance...
Thank Jim

Jim D a dit…

Thank you!!