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dimanche 19 août 2018

Magic Spell

01 - She's My Baby
02 - Face To Face
03 - Magic Spell
04 - My Love
05 - It Wasn't Me
06 - Surrounded
07 - I Love Her So
08 - Let's Make A Block
09 - Does She Love Me
10 - Hey Brutus

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4 commentaires:

ludo a dit…

Great, thank you so much dear Uncle!
Have a good sunday, sir!

ludo a dit…

Oh, actually, I’ve just noticed the dedication on your front cover, did you see him near Paris, in 2004 or 2005?
I was there too :-)

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ludo: This dedication was not for me. This copy comes from the net.
Huelyn is one of the few artists I have not seen on stage in early 2000's.
Regards and have a good sunday too !

frank tally a dit…

this is great - HUELYN DUVALL – SHE'S MY BABY thank you - Aussie