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jeudi 19 juillet 2018

Rock Del Tom Tom

A1 -  Larry O'Keefe - Hot Rockin' Mama
A2 -  Johnny Tedesco - Rock Del Tom Tom
A3 -  Dreamers - Shot - Gun
A4 -  Bobby Jackson - Cha, Cha, Cha
A5 -  Johnny Gentry - Nineteen Years
A6 -  Rhythmics - Comin' Through
A7 -  Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville
A8 -  Roy Kildaire - What About It
B1 -  Baby Huey - Messin' With The Kid
B2 -  Johnny & The Thunderbirds - Fugitive
B3 -  Jack Hammer - Black Widow Spider Woman
B4 -  Premiers - Shawnee
B5 -  Unknown Artist - Blond Head Woman
B6 -  Richard Wylie - Money
B7 -  Pinky & Jim Jenkins - Got Something For You Baby
B8 -  New Mason Dixons - Back Up

Thanks to original ripper

5 commentaires:

Tanktop a dit…

Hello Uncle Gil;

I have appreciated all of the wonderful music you have generously shared over the past year - thank you.
2014 has been the most violent year all over our planet it seems. Domestic violence and random sexual violence against women and children has really escalated!
Compilations such as this album, "Desperate Rock and Roll", always depict the fairer sex being threatened or compromised on the record cover:(

Would you please make the resolution in 2015 to refrain from showing these?
It disturbs me...so I can't help wondering if each female viewing your good blog doesn't feel upset inside...

Well, however you feel...
may 2015 be a great New Year for you!

yours sincerely,

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Tanktop, You are right and I hope you excuse me. These representations of the juvenile delinquence through these covers stemming from short stories books are so much a part of the fifties' culture that I did not really bring it reflection.
Thank you for your good wishes. Same for you and yours.
Happy New Year!

Tanktop a dit…

Hi again, Uncle Gil;

De rien, mon ami:)

I thank you for your heartfelt reflection, and your very thoughtful retraction of the pictorial image for these song collections.
Still fab music, and nice back cover scans as a bonus:)
You are that all-too-rare breed of man who is willing to take a second look at the situation.
Then, you stand with me to try to make things better and safer for our sisters in this world!
Of course it's understandable to overlook this kind of artwork, because it was considered 'classic' in that period of 'pulp fiction'...but times change, fiction becomes grim reality, and hopefully lessons are learned.
Not only do you share great and rare, classic music that makes so many HAPPY, Uncle Gil...but you set a high benchmark for other blogs, and all your guests here!:)

Once more, a very Happy New Year to you and yours as well...and THANKS again!

yours sincerely,

Anonyme a dit…

any chance for a re-upload?

Thanks for your work.



frank tally a dit…

thank u Uncle 4 all this great music as always - Aussie