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mardi 3 juillet 2018


Recorded February/March 1956 by John R.T. Davis at his home in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England

A1 - Muleskinners Blues
A2 - San Francisco Bay
B1 - Alabama Bound
B2 - Talking Blues

Vinyl rip and scans by A&A-F

4 commentaires:

Paco's brother a dit…

Dire et redire que ce site est une mine de pépites pour l'oreille, que du plaisir.
Merci et bon courage.

Andyrama a dit…

This looks like a one-of-a-kind item! Thanks for posting it.

. . . and thanks for using Mediafire.

dugg a dit…

wow- one more amazing collection of songs among many here. your blog is AMAZING, so many lost treasures here.
thanks for all your hard work and your deep generosity in sharing it so freely.

Ruud Straatman a dit…

Thanks a lot for this. More Jack Elliott please?!?