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mercredi 11 juillet 2018


A1 - Hard Travelling
A2 - Grand Coulee Dam
A3 - New York Town
A4 - Tom Joad
A5 - Howdido
A6 - Talking Dust Bowl
A7 - This Land Is Your Land
B1 - Pretty Boy Floyd
B2 - Philadelphia Lawyer
B3 - Talking Columbia
B4 - Dust Storm Disaster
B5 - Riding In My Car
B6 - 1913 Massacre
B7 - So Long

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

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Anonyme a dit…

Ad.fly keeps sending eole to some random website that has nothing to do with zippyshare. Can you take a look at it? Has someone hacked Ad.fly?

Uncle Gil a dit…

It seems that adf.ly has some issues from time to time.
Right now, the link works fine here...

Ruud Straatman a dit…


Uncle Gil a dit…

@Ruud: You will have every Elliott album posted here... :))
All the best!