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dimanche 15 juillet 2018

All Around The Watertank

A1 - Rich And Rambling Boys
A2 - Buffalo Skinners
A3 - I Wish I Was A Rock
A4 - It's Hard Ain't It Hard
A5 - All Around The Watertank
A6 - Mother's Not Dead
B1 - East Virginia Blues
B2 - The Old Bachelor
B3 - Danville Girl
B4 - The State Of Arkansas
B5 - The Death Of Mr. Garfield
B6 - Roll On Buddy

Posted by banjoman
Vinyl rip. Covers

7 commentaires:

teddy cat baz a dit…

thanx uncle gil

Anonyme a dit…

Merci Uncle Gil. More Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams please!!!

teddy cat baz a dit…

cheers banjoman

Prairie Hick a dit…

Thanks for posting this.
I used to have the LP a looooong time ago
Thanks for all the recent Jack Elliotts
If you have any more Derroll Adams to post then I'm really looking forward to getting them too

Prairie Hick a dit…

One slight problem with your rip Uncle Gil is that A4 and A5 have been switched around somehow!
What is listed as "It's Hard Ain't It Hard" is in fact "All Around The Watertank" and vice versa. I'll check my lo-fi cassette copy to see if that was the case with the Topic original.
I can fix my copy. You might want to change this around or edit the notes.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Prairie Hick: Thanks! Fixed!

Ruud Straatman a dit…

Et encore multi beaucoup de mercies!