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mercredi 20 juin 2018

The Music Goes Round And Round

01 - Swingin' Down the Old Orchard Lane
02 - Sixty-Seven Gals In Savannah
03 – Jug Rag
04 – The Lady In Red
05 - I'll Never Say Never Again
06 - I Haven't Got a Pot To Cook In
07 - Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes
08 - They're Burning Down The House I Was Brung Up In
09 - Walking In My Sleep
10 - Gee, But It's Great To Meet A Friend
11 - Red Sails In The Sunset
12 - Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
13 - She Come Rolling Down the Mountain
14 - Headin' For The Rio Grande
15 - Just Come On In
16 - Ridin' Down The Canyon
17 - Round And Round (Yas,Yas,Yas)
18 - That Old Home Town Of Mine Is Still Alive
19 - The Music Goes Round And Round
20 - Down By The Old Mill Stream

Originally CD Bronco Buster 9038

4 commentaires:

bopping a dit…

Thanks. Your archives are a bottomless pit!

Anonyme a dit…

Ah! I missed that post. I heard them on the Joe Bussard radio show and wanted to hear more.Bummer! Thanks anyway.

Armin a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

I have the original covers of this post, and most of the BRONCO BUSTER & CATTLE albums of the German BINGE Labels. If you're interested I can contribute them. You can contact me with my email-address "sorgfinanz@t-online.de" - I'm also DC-member.

Greetings from Germany

Armin (aka VintageCountry in DC)

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Armin: Thanks for the proposition. I appreciate.
I have all the Bronco Buster & Cattle albums (found on DC++ along the years), but many artworks are poor.