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jeudi 7 juin 2018

Didn't It Rain

Wesley Barnett and The Galileans - You Can't Be A Christian (Morning Son 770213) 1977
Soul Stirrers - Christ Is All (Speciality Unissued) 1950
Blue Ridge Qt. - I Want To Rest (Gotham 7-407) 1951
The 4 Knights - I'm Livin' On The Hallelujah Side (Lang-Worth 40) 1945
The Trav'lers - I've Got It, You Can Have It (Custom 663M 2787) 1963ish
The Taylor Brothers - Read Your Bible (Heritage WW 1001) 1968ish
The Famous Blue Jay Singers - Praising Jesus Ever More (Blue Bonnet Record 161) 1948ish
The Rangers Qt. - I've Got Heaven On My Mind (Private 1006B) 1950
Jim and Jennie with the Dixie Mt. Ramblers - I'll Fly Away (Jessup 103) 1970
Harmony Kings - Leanin' On Jesus (Regal 3279) 1950
The Gospel Mariners - I Wanta Go There (Hollywood LPH 17) 1958ish
J.D. Jarvis - This Old World Is Winding Up (Down Home 110113) 1971
Chuck Wagon Gang - A Soul Winner For Jesus (Columbia) 1953
The Bibletone Jubileers - Didn't It Rain (Bibletone 2009B) 1946ish
The Le Fevre Trio - Medley Of Favorite Spirituals (Bibletone 7001) 1946
The Wade Brothers - Way Upon The Mountain (Sing Unto Him LP) 1969
The Gospel Echoes - Dip Your Finger In Some Water (Marbone 4745 LP) 1972ish
The Galilee Singers - Traveling Shoes (Joe Davis 3951) 1945
Robert White and the Candy Mt. Boys - Mothers Love (LPS 408) 1970
The Statesmen Qt. - I Just Can't Make It By Myself (Private 1043) 1954ish

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Found and posted by Stampede
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