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mardi 5 juin 2018

Crazy Chicken

A01 - Jackie Lee Cochran - Mama Don't You Think I Know
A02 - Roy Hall - All By Myself
A03 - Johnny Carroll - Crazy Crazy Lovin'
A04 - Terry Noland - Ten Little Women
A05 - Eddie Fontaine - Cool It Baby
A06 - Wayne Raney - Shake Baby Shake
A07 - Billy Guitar - Here Comes The Night
A08 - Roy Duke - Behave, Be Quiet Or Be Gone
A09 - Johnny Bell - Flip Flop And Fly
B01 - Justin Tubb - Rock It Down To My House
B02 - Roy Hall - See You Later Alligator
B03 - Johnny Carroll - Corrine Corrina
B04 - Terry Noland - Hypnotised
B05 - Bobby Helms - Tennessee Rock'n'Roll
B06 - James Gallagher - Crazy Chicken
B07 - Billy Lee Riley - Is That All To The Ball, Mr. Hall
B08 - Arnie Derksen - She Wanna Rock
B09 - Al Coker with The Coker Family - Don't Go Baby
B10 - Lou Graham - Wee Willie Brown

Vinyl rip
Up w rear cover of vol.2

2 commentaires:

oldrockboy a dit…

Thanks for these rare rockabilly volumes, unfortunately this back cover belongs to the 1st volume, not to the 2nd.

frank tally a dit…

thank you so kind Uncle - Aussie