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mercredi 23 mai 2018

You Take The Medicine (I'll Take The Nurse)

A1 - Teach 'Em How To Swim
A2 - How Old Do You Get
A3 - You Take The Medicine (I'll Take The Nurse)
B1 - Dig That Crazy Driver
B2 - Them Old Blues Got Me
B3 - Blue Wedding Bells Ringing

From various sources.

4 commentaires:

Countryhank a dit…

Bonjour, Uncle!
With the link I only get the front picture. Can you please check it?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Howdy Countryhank,
Just a senior moment...
I hope you like it :)
Here's THE right link :

howstean a dit…

"File has expired & does not exist on this server"

could you re-up please.

Uncle Gil a dit…

howstean: Impossible! Fresh link from yesterday...