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dimanche 6 mai 2018

Swingin' Daddy

A01 - Party Doll
A02 - Rockhouse
A03 - Maybelline
A04 - Mary Lou
A05 - Rock Your Baby To Sleep
A06 - Hula Love
A07 - Devil Woman
A08 - Rockabilly Walk
A09 - Rock Around The Clock
A10 - I'm In Love With You
B01 - Swingin' Daddy
B02 - C'mon Baby
B03 - Somebody Touched Me
B04 - That's Why I Cry
B05 - I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
B06 - Whenever I'm Lonely
B07 - All For You
B08 - Long Lonely Nights
B09 - Storm Clouds
B10 - The Girl With The Golden Hair

Vinyl rip

4 commentaires:

frank tally a dit…

i love Buddy Knox thank you - Uncle - Aussie

andyrama a dit…

Bonjour Gil,

I have a Canadian pressing of Roulette R-25003 titled Buddy Knox with the same cover art but different back slick and liner notes. The disc I have has the same tracks as side A of the Pye LP, just in different sequence.

Do you know where the material on the B side comes from? Is it from his second LP? Or perhaps out takes/unissued tracks from his first session?


Uncle Gil a dit…

Hello andyrama, i think you will find the answers here :

andyrama a dit…

Thanks Gil.

It looks like the answer is they were Roulette 45 rpm singles compiled here on the B side of this Pye LP.

That makes it worth downloading IMO as I know I will never find all those 45s.

Thanks for this great share and for your response with great info.