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lundi 21 mai 2018

My Old Guitar

A1 - Bill Nettles - Wine-O-Boogie
A2 - R.D. Hendon & His Western Jamboree Cowboys - Lonely Nights
A3 - Luke Gordon - Just Doin' What's Right
A4 - Louisiana Lannis - Muscadine Eyes
A5 - Bill Mack - Guess I'll Keep On Dreaming
A6 - Glen Barber - Ain't It Funny
A7 - Lucky Wray - It's Music She Says
A8 - R.D. Hendon & His Western Jamboree Cowboys- Return My Broken Heart
A9 - Leo Ogletree - Crooked Dice
B1 - Tibby Edwards - Fool That I Was
B2 - Tibby Edwards - I Don't Want To Say I Love You
B3 - Benny Barnes - No Fault Of Mine
B4 - Sonny Burns - It's Easier Said Than Done
B5 - Mel Price & The Santa Fe Rangers - Gonna See My Baby
B6 - Luke Gordon - Let This Kiss Bid You Goodbye
B7 - R.D. Hendon & His Western Jamboree Cowboys - My Old Guitar
B8 - James O'Gwynn - I Cry
B9 - Bill Nettles - Gumbo-Mumbo

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

Do you know where "Cousin Mike" hides his download links ????

I'm after Arch Hall Jnr. (I see your Blog site mentioned on his site.....hence this comment).


Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Richard: Myself, I don't know how to download in his last pages. As I pass the mouse almost on each character... without result. Wait & See.