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samedi 19 mai 2018

Go Cat Go!

01 - Guitar Rock
02 - Go Cat Go
03 - Doin' My Time
04 - I'm So Lonely
05 - A Good Woman's Leaving
06 - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
07 - Sally's Salty Dog
08 - Don't That Road Look Rough & Rocky
09 - Sittin' On Top of The World
10 - Goodbye Blues
11 - Dark Moon
12 - The Burglar Man
13 - Six White Horses
14 - Rockabilly Music
15 - Rattle Snakin' Daddy
16 - Go Cat Go
17 - Sweetchile'
18 - Guitar Rock
19 - Narrative

Home Made Comp and cover

9 commentaires:

rockin-djames a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil

Just one word fabulous and what a cover. Thanks a lot to keep the flamme for us.

Bill Flagg is one of my fav, his two tetra singles and the mgm singles are great.

Thanks my friend you're on top as usual.


Uncle Gil a dit…

Thank you rockin-djames ! I appreciate.

Anonyme a dit…

Fameux !!!! Et once more: Bravo pour la pochette !!!...
The Bootlegger

Anonyme a dit…

Excellent, je ne connaissais que les singles Tetra. Merci.

Anonyme a dit…

when did he recorded the second versions (Go Cat Go, Guitar Rock)? I thought he left music business in '58.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Anonyme: 2003, I presume...
All (and the rest) is here :

Rockinbavarian a dit…

Overall great work again, thanks a bunch!

Rocky Lane a dit…

Would you please re-upload this file. Thank you very much.

carlos a dit…

Gracias por todo, saludos desde España.