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vendredi 27 avril 2018

Under The Light Of The Texas Moon

A1 - Won't You Be The Same Old Pal
A2 - Memories Of My Grey Haired Mother In The West
A3 - Broken Down Cowboy
A4 - That Tumble Down Shack By The Trail
A5 - Covered Wagon Headed West
A6 - Midnight, The Unconquered Outlaw
A7 - The Cowboy Wedding In May
A8 - Sweetheart Of My Childhood Days
B1 - There'll Be No Blues Up Yonder
B2 - Goodbye Little Pal Of My Dreams
B3 - I Loved Her Till She Done Me Wrong
B4 - Under The Light Of The Texas Moon
B5 - Longing For My Mississippi Home
B6 - Old Alberta Plains
B7 - The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream
B8 - My Old Montana Home

Vinyl Rip. Covers, Labels.

1 commentaire:

Mike Anderson a dit…

Uncle Gil, could you please re-up these three Wilf Carter LPs on his own label? I'll add the comment for the other two as well so it's clear. Thanks in advance if you can do this!