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lundi 16 avril 2018

The Cats Bop Around

Mac Records MAC-002 (Belgium 1975)
 Burt Allis (Norbert Balicki) (vocals)
 With The Diggers:
 Burt Allis (lead guitar)
Burt Allis (rhythm guitar)
Burt Allis (bass guitar)
Burt Allis (piano)
Burt Allis (drums)
Burt Allis (saxophone)
Burt Allis (handclapping)
Burt Allis (harmony vocals)

All songs written and composed by Norbert Balicki (= Burt Allis)
 Produced by Norbert Balicki (= Burt Allis)

That’s what I call doing it all by himself…

Well, I don’t think he went to the record pressing plant to actually press the vinyl records himself, nor did he print the sleeves and labels (but who knows, after all maybe he did…)

01. Rock Bop And Dig It (2:00)
02. The Cats Bop Around (1:47)
03. Crazy Chick (1:35)
04. Little Blue Lonesome Boy (2:11)
05. Just Diggin' (1:56)
06. Bop Little Wildcat (2:07)
07. Sit And Wonder (1:38)
08. Count To Ten (1:55)
09. Could Be (1:25)
10. Leave Your Gal Alone (1:45)
11. Time To Rock Around (1:41)
12. Baby Please (1:46)
13. Night Boppin' (2:08)
14. The Digger Meets The Stomper (1:54)
15. Boppin' The Rock (1:49)
16. Look What You're Doin' (2:18)
17. Steady Rockin' (1:10)
18. Seven Little Girls (2:04)

Fresh Vinyl Rip - Artwork Included (front, back, signed label A, label B) by searnav


3 commentaires:

JohnnyDiego a dit…

This is great stuff! Thank you, Searnav.

JohnnyDiego a dit…

Searnav -- Did you share this on TZ? Those guys would love it.
(Maybe I missed it over there.)

Crab Devil a dit…

Thanks! I like his/their instrumental album
("Allis in Guitar Wonderland") so I'm looking
forward to hearing this one too.