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vendredi 6 avril 2018

Play That Country Juke Box

This is the last album of the series "Armadillo Killer's" compiled by Svein M. P. aka "castironarm" which reached me. Svein, in addition to this series has compiled a multitude of albums (Selected Female Country Singers, Hank Williams, Jimmie Skinner, Onie Wheeler ...) over the years. Albums which he entrusted to me the artworks. Our contacts were almost daily, and since mid-January, after a journey of which he had returned suffering pain, no one has heard from him.

Wherever he is, I wish him all the best and send him my best regards.
A clarification: Svein "castironarm" compiled this series with the approval of his friend "Armadillo Killer" who puts his vinyl collection online on his Youtube channel.
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01 - Bill Bohannon - Remember My Darling
02 - Billy D Hunter - Aspirins By Morning
03 - Billy Hunter - That's What I'm Like Without You
04 - Bobby Hurley - Like You Loved Me Last Night
05 - Bozo Darnell - Your Steppin' Stone
06 - Carl Belew & His Riff Riders - Silence And Tears
07 - Chuck Price - If I Cry Hard Enough
08 - Don Imus - Play That Country Juke Box
09 - Ed Hunnicutt - My Angel's Got The Devil In Her Eyes
10 - Frank Hunter - Parting Will Only Break Our Hearts
11 - Gus Thomas - Passing Through
12 - Jameslee Irvin - The Other Woman (In My Life)
13 - Jeff Hughes - Sorrow Tearing Down The House (That Happiness Once Built)
14 - Jimmy Copeland - Look In The Mirror
15 - Jimmy Hunsucker & The Truck Drivers - I Feel A Good One Coming On
16 - Jimmy Peters - If Your Past Came Walking By
17 - Kenni Huskey - I'll Be Swingin' Too
18 - 'Little' Jimmy Dickens - Cornbread And Buttermilk
19 - Marvin Kerry - Teach Me The Rules
20 - Mel Tillis & The Statesiders - Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)
21 - Nowlin Tubbs Band - Bakersfield Train
22 - Paul Huffman - Red Rose In Her Hair
23 - Sammi Smith - Billy Jack
24 - Sonny Burgess & Kings IV - Is It Wrong

Vuelta Records
Home made cover

16 commentaires:

Bob OBrien a dit…

Your notice has a sense of finality to it, in an ominous sort of way. I hope I am reading that wrong. He appears to be a great collector of vinyl. I've saved all of the "Killers" songs onto DVD's and several were very rare that I own or have owned at one time or another, especially D.J. copies which went straight to the trash bin when new, for the most part.
Pass along my respect and best regards to him and if it helps, he's in my thoughts and prayers as well.
Thank you, Gil for all you do and have done.
Bobsluckycat aka Bob O'Brien
Columbus, Ohio USA

Anonyme a dit…

I have enjoyed this series and hope is all well for Svein.
Much thanks Gil for your blog. You have brought me much joyful music.

Anonyme a dit…

Uncle Gil & castironarm,

Thank you so much for what you do and I hope castironarm turns up well.

doors97426 a dit…

thank you much i hope Svein is fine just taking some time to himself

Brian Page a dit…

My best wishes and regards to Svein!

musicyoucan a dit…

Thanks a lot Uncke Gil and Svein for this outstanting serie.

Allan Hansen a dit…

Svein,wherever you are I hope you are happy.

frank tally a dit…

this is Aussie here saying thank you to Uncle 4 putting all this great music up 4 us

Crab Devil a dit…

Thank you for posting this entire series. I've often wondered
who was behind Vuelta Records, as this person seemed to be
not only a prodigious collector but also someone with an
entertainingly off-beat sense of humor. (I was pretty sure,
for example, that the "company" would NOT have been located
on Peter I Island!). I'm pleased finally to have learned
a little about Svein, or "castironarm," and I hope he's ok.

bets a dit…

hartelijk bedankt voor alle die mooie reeksen!

blueneptune a dit…

Add my voice to the Thank You refrain to you and Svein. And best wishes to all.

Lester a dit…

Many thanks Uncle Gil & Svein. I've truly enjoyed this great series.

Mike Anderson a dit…

While I have not taken advantage of these great compilations myself, preferring albums by individual artists and bands, I have to say I appreciate the obvious efforts to preserve and share these great recordings which might otherwise become lost forever to the public. Thanks for this information Gil and I send good wishes his way (and yours as always).

Country Boy Lance a dit…

Uncle Gil:
Thanks to you and Svein fir keeping country music's heritage alive.Like doors97426 suggested,he's just taking a break and will soon be back posting again or maybe some other collector will pick up the torch and continue this fine series.

tanktop a dit…

Love, big thanks, and best wishes to Svein and you, Uncle Gil.


Crab Devil a dit…

Thank you, then, for the informative clarification!