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mardi 17 avril 2018

New Shoes

A1 - The Four Young Men - You Been Torturing Me
A2 - Jewel & Eddie - My Eyes Are Crying For You
A3 - Jewel & Eddie - Sixteen Tons
A4 - The Four Young Men - See Them Laugh
A5 - The Four Young Men - Don't Be Bashful, Little Girl
A6 - The Four Young Men - Goodbye, Bye, Bye, Bye
A7 - The Gee Cees (Kelly Four) - Annie Had A Party
B1 - Lee Denson - New Shoes
B2 - Lee Denson - Climb Love Mountain
B3 - Eddie Cochran - Skinny Jim
B4 - Eddie Cochran - Half Loved
B5 - Bo Davis - Let's Coast Awhile
B6 - Bo Davis - Drowning All My Sorrows
B7 - Jerry Capehart - Theme For The Young And Blue

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

2 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Man... just in from work, and what do I find? "The Crest Sessions"!!!.
A truly legendary LP, on a par with Bopcat 100. I remember reading about it in the Eddie Cochran book published by Éditions Horus... More than 30 years later, this album is just one click away.
Thank you so very much for uploading it - and the same goes for the Eddie LP on Lonely. You´re the most, Uncle Gil.

Anonyme a dit…

You're my favorite Uncle!