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mercredi 18 avril 2018

Bop Little Wild Cat

Burt Allis (Norbert Balicki):
Vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, handclapping, harmony vocals.
All songs written and composed by Norbert Balicki (= Burt Allis)
Produced by Norbert Balicki (= Burt Allis)
Once again, he did it all by himself…

This release on RCA, a major label, features 12 tracks taken from Burt Allis’ first 18 track LP on Mac Records released the previous year, “Rock ! Bop ! And Dig It !”. The tracks were not re-ripped, so if you already have the latter, all that you’ll get here that you don’t already have is the artwork.

Track 10 was titled “Count To Ten” on the original 18 track LP – is this an error?

1. Rock, Bop And Dig It (2:00)
2. Little Blue Lonesome Boy (2:12)
3. Night Boppin' (2:09)
4. Boppin' The Rock (1:50)
5. Could Be (1:26)
6. Seven Little Girls (2:05)
7. Crazy Chick (1:36)
8. The Cats Bop Around (1:47)
9. Baby Please (1:47)
10. Count The Ten (1:56)
11. Bop Little Wild Cat (2:08)
12. Look What You're Doing (2:20)

Vinyl Rip - Artwork Included (front, back, signed label A, label B) by searnav

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Crab Devil a dit…

Thanks for this one, too, searnav.

Crab Devil a dit…

Incidentally, the title with "The" must be the one
that's in error:

frank tally a dit…

thanks Uncle - Aussie

carlos a dit…

Gran disco, saludos desde España. Y muchas gracias.