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mardi 6 mars 2018

Sweet Hunk Or Junk

A01 - The Jamf
A02 - Saturday Night Fish Fry
A03 - I Never Had A Chance
A04 - Got My Mo-Jo Working
A05 - Sunday
A06 - Sweet Lorraine
A07 - The Slop
A08 - I Hadn't Anyone Till You
A09 - The Nearness Of You
A10 - Because Of You
B01 - A Man Ain't A Man
B02 - I've Found My Peace Of Mind
B03 - Sweet Hunk Or Junk
B04 - I Love You So
B05 - Wish I Could Make Some Money
B06 - That's What True Love Can Do
B07 - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
B08 - A Day Away From You
B09 - Route 66
B10 - I Cried For You

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