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mardi 27 mars 2018

Real Rockin' Daddy

01 - Theme and Intro
02 - It Makes No Difference Now
03 - Bob Wills Boogie
04 - In The Mood
05 - Big Balls In Cowtown
06 - Blue Flame
07 - Choose The One You Want
08 - Comin' Down The Pecos
09 - Darling Why Are You So Mean To Me
10 - I Don't Lov' A Nobody
11 - I'm All Alone
12 - May You Never Break A Heart Like You Broke Mine
13 - Please Don´t Bother Me
14 - Real Rockin' Daddy (vcl. Wink Lewis)
15 - Summit Ridge Drive
16 - You're Throwing Your Life Away

Note: Tracks 1-4 are Radio Transcripts. Big Spring, 1964
Home made comp

7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thank youu, Thank you, Thank you! I've looked far and wide for HOyle Nix material. All I ever see are comps with one or two songs and maybe a single. Thanks for putting together this collectetion.
Fresno, CA. USA

Uncle Gil a dit…

the pleasure is shared.

SWinGB a dit…

THANK YOU! Bless you! Good to see this music getting shared... now if Jody Nix would only put his dad's music out in a definitive collection, I know I'd buy it right now!

Gyro1966 a dit…

I think media fire has deleted this compilation. Can you use Zippyshare instead, thanks.

Cally K a dit…

Mediafire has blocked it. Zippy is much better.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Updated. Zippy link.

Bayou Bum a dit…

Totally missed this one, could you please re-up it. Many thanks.