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vendredi 30 mars 2018

Hard Notch Boogie Beat

A01 - Big 3 Boogie
A02 - If The Sea Was Whiskey
A03 - I Ain't Gonne Be Your Monkey Man
A04 - 88 Boogie
A05 - Money Tree Blues
A06 - Big 3 Stomp
A07 - Since My Baby Gone
A08 - Hard Notch Boogie Beat
A09 - No One To Love Me
A10 - Don't Let That Music Die
B01 - It's All Over Now
B02 - Tell That Woman
B03 - Got You On My Mind
B04 - Etiquette
B05 - You Don't Love Me No More
B06 - Come Here Baby
B07 - O.C. Bounce
B08 - Cool Kind Woman
B09 - Juice-Head Bartender
B10 - What Am I To Do
B11 - Signifying Monkey

Vinyl rip.

3 commentaires:

Raulo a dit…

Merci Uncle

rm a dit…

merci beaucoup!!

muddyw123 a dit…

Great Classic.