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samedi 31 mars 2018

Bad Boy

A1 - Slow Down
A2 - High School Dance
A3 - She Said ''Yeah''
A4 - Just Because
A5 - I Can't Stop Lovin' You
A6 - Heebies Jeebies
B1 - The Dummy
B2 - Bad Boy
B3 - Let Me Tell You Baby
B4 - Jenny Lee
B5 - Hootchie-Koo
B6 - Steal A Little Kiss

Vinyl rip.

7 commentaires:

stringbass a dit…

Hi ..sadly this downloads in that blasted Flac !!!!

Could you please assist a lover of your site (and Larry Williams!)

and alow it in MP3 ? thanks for making every morning joyful !!

And I'm 75 years old !


Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi stringbasspete: Here it is.

Larry Williams - Slow Down With - LP Specialty.zip - MP3

Don't you know how to encode Flac in mp3?
Welcome to the club, I'm just right in my seventy, too.

All the best

andyrama a dit…

Thanks for posting this Gil. I'm looking forward to listening to it.

frank tally a dit…

nice one Uncle thank you - Aussie

muddyw123 a dit…


tanktop a dit…

Wow, Uncle Gil, even more fantastic that you posted this rockin' music in flac!
Of course, I'll enjoy your gifts any way you give them, anytime, mon ami:)
Merci and ALL the BEST,

Bob Mac a dit…

Many thanks for this Uncle Gil, and an extra big thanks for also posting it in MP3. I for one am perfectly happy with MP3. The Flac files are much larger and chew up extra valuable download data, as well as d/l time, and then albums in Flac require extra storage space, filling up ex HDDs faster. I never keep anything in Flac but convert to MP3 immediately after d/l. If you must post things in Flac please also include an MP3 copy, it will be greatly appreciated by so many. Thanks again for your great blog and all the wonderful music you generously give us.