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vendredi 2 février 2018

The La La Blues (Up)

By request and to fill a gap in the Marcfr recent uploads of this series on his blog :

A1 - Popcorn Blues
A2 - French Waltz
A3 - Pinegrove Blues
A4 - La Valse De Theo
A5 - Jolie Catin
A6 - Pinegrove Stomp
A7 - Mardi-Gras Song
B1 - Dreamer's Waltz
B2 - The La La Blues
B3 - French Two-step
B4 - Lonely Heart Waltz
B5 - Frog-Leg Two Step
B6 - La Valse De Jolie Fille
B7 - Hey Mom

Vinyl rip and scans by Silverlake

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Sam shermansam a dit…


Please re-post this link.

muddyw123 a dit…

A re-up please. Thank you in advance.

muddyw123 a dit…

Thank you for the quick service. You also put me on the track of more Louisiana goodies. TX!

Anonyme a dit…

hi unc

a good reply to today's non country music


Uncle Gil a dit…

@oldie1 : Thanks for the link. True !