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samedi 3 février 2018

The Day The Music Died

A01 - Interview
A02 - Learning The Game
A03 - Interview
A04 - Flower Of My Heart
A05 - Live On Stage (1958)
A06 - Maybe Baby
A07 - Interview - Part One
A08 - Interview - Part Two
B01 - Rip It Up
B02 - Love Is Strange
B03 - Gone
B04 - You're The One
B05 - A Tribute To Buddy Holly - Live By The Crickets (1969)
B06 - Dearest

A01 - Newscast About The Plane Crash
A02 - Tribute To Buddy Holly
A03 - That's My Desire
A04 - Good Rockin' Tonight
A05 - Stay Close To Me
A06 - Ed Sullivan Show - Part One
A07 - Baby It's Love
A08 - Learning The Game
A09 - Rip It Up
B01 - Love Me
B02 - Queen Of The Ballroom
B03 - Rock Around With Ollie Vee
B04 - Ed Sullivan Show - Part Two
B05 - That's What They Say
B06 - Down The Line
B07 - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
B08 - Newscast About The Plane Crash

Vinyl rips. Covers 
Blank labels on Vol.1

4 commentaires:

Exeter a dit…

Looking forward to these rips...
I've had the LPs for about 30 years..

Thanks a lot!

JohnnyDiego a dit…

Great tribute on the 55th anniversary of that fateful day. Let us never forget. Thank you.

frank tally a dit…

great thank you Uncle - Aussie

jean-pierre Guigas a dit…

Merci "Uncle Gil" d'avoir pensé à Buddy Holly. Bien sur les disques que vous proposez tous nous les avons depuis longtemps, mais... Cela fait du bien de les reentendre.