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lundi 12 février 2018

Koala Bear

A01 - How Would Ya Be
A02 - Honey Don't
A03 - Koala Bear
A04 - Pointed Toe Shoes
A05 - Twenty Flight Rock
A06 - Why Don't You Believe Me
A07 - Leroy
A08 - Cast Iron Arm
A09 - I'm Counting On You
A10 - Love Me
B01 - Move It
B02 - You're Gone Baby
B03 - Tiger
B04 - Crazy, Crazy Baby
B05 - Wicked, Wicked Woman
B06 - Gotta Lotta That
B07 - Matador Baby
B08 - I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
B09 - Slipping Around
B10 – Doreen

Vinyl rip. HQ scans


2 commentaires:

Crab Devil a dit…

Very cool - thanks for posting this one.

frank tally a dit…

beautiful music Uncle Aussie