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mercredi 31 janvier 2018

The Ballad Of Billy Joe

A01 - My Blue Heaven
A02 - My Blue Heaven
A03 - Let's Talk Abpout Us
A04 - Home
A05 - Night Train To Memphis
A06 - The Ballad Of Billy Joe
A07 - Let's Talk About Us
A08 - Sail Away
A09 - Am I To Be The One
B01 - I'm The Guilty One
B02 - Let's Talk About Us
B03 - Little Queenie
B04 - Lewis Workout (Instr.)
B05 - The Wild Side Of Life
B06 - Billy Boy
B07 - Mexicali Rose
B08 - I Get The Blues When It Rains (Instr.)
B09 - In The Mood (Instr.)

Vinyl rip. Artwork