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vendredi 26 janvier 2018

Rock And Roll Is Something Special

Album 1:
01 - Autumn Leaves
02 - Memphis Tennessee
03 - Easter Parade
04 - Fever
05 - 8x10
06 - Lady Of Spain
07 - What'd I Say
08 - That Was The Way It Was Then
09 - Honey Hush
10 - When I Get My Wings
11 - Pride Don't Mean A Thing
12 - Rock And Roll Is Something Special
13 - It's One Of Those Things We All Go Through
14 - Hang Up My Rock'n'Roll Shoes
15 - What Am I Living For
16 - C.C. Rider
17 - Georgia On My Mind
18 - San Antonio Rose (Instr.)
19 - In The Garden
20 - High Heel Sneakers
21 - Keep Your Motor Running
22 - Send Me The Pillow You Dreamed On

01 - Jericho Road
02 - Precious Memories
03 - When They Ring Those Golden Bells
04 - He Set Me Free
05 - Arkansas
06 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus
07 - Sawdust Trail
08 - Old Time Religion
09 - He Walks With Me
10 - Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand
11 - Softly And Tenderly
12 - I Wish You Love
13 - End Of The Road
14 - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
15 - Send Me The Pillow You Dreamed On (2)
16 - I'm Throwing Rice
17 - The Last Letter
18 - Tennessee Waltz
19 - When I Get My Wings (2)
20 - Jerry Got The Blues (Instr.)
21 - My God Is Real
22 - Pride Don't Mean A Thing (2)

HomeMadeCover (september 2012)
Disc 2 - Track 8 updated. Now complete. Thanks to JY

20 commentaires:

Timmy a dit…

Merci bouquo status quo thanx alot!

Paco's brother a dit…

Du cousu d'or! j'ai le cd d'extraits, Jerry est en forme, rien à dire.

Anonyme a dit…


Gyro1966 a dit…

Thanks Uncle. I've never heard this. (Even though it's in prehistoric 128 bit rate! That's old school.)

Uncle Gil a dit…

Yes, these are 128 kbps files from the good ole days. It would be an heresy to re-encode in a higher sampling to be "in" isn't? :))

Gyro1966 a dit…

I agree, you can't change 128 to 320, it would further destroy the sound. If it was originally done at 128, it has to be left that way. But it would be nice to have a 2012 rip at 320!

Uncle Gil a dit…

To my knowledge no "real" album exists. I trade these files some years ago. I only know that twenty or so files (in 192 kbps) have circulated in the web late 2009...

Exeter a dit…

Thanks for access to this great treasure!

367 a dit…

Thanx to use FREAKSHARE !

Anonyme a dit…

ces 2 albums ne sont plus disponibles,merci de les reposter avec rapidgator.

rolo batres a dit…

buenos dias
buen disco de Jerry, pero lastimosamente, no lo pude descargar, seria tan amable de colocarlo en zipyshare, felicifdades
rolo batres

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ rolo: Buenos dias. Sorry for the inconvenience. But this is a Zippyshare link.

Leopard Man a dit…

Thanks a lot for these rare JLL recordings, Uncle Gil !

One question :

Album 1 is 1980,and album 2 is 1986 ?

Thanks !

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Leopard Man : to my knowledge all tracks were recorded November, 1980.

Leopard Man a dit…

Thanks for the info !

rolo batres a dit…

buenos dias
gracias Tio, ya pude bajar este buen disco, y disculpe las molestias, felicitaciones.
oiga yo se que no va con su estilo pero tendria algo de paul anka,janis martin, etc gracias de nuevo

rolo batres

Anonyme a dit…

Thank for your sharing spirit Uncle. I appreciate this always and may you enjoy long and happy good health. Your friend Gene from U.S.

Anonyme a dit…

Can you please re-up this file?
Thank you VERY MUCH uncle

Pudge a dit…

Thank you Uncle Gil for this post.

Pat a dit…

Superbe album de Jerry Lee, bourré de reprises impeccables, vraiment un grand disque!