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mardi 9 janvier 2018


A1 - Bobby Roberts - Big Sandy
A2 - Myron Lee & The Caddies - Homicide
A3 - Terry Clement & The Tune Tones - She's My Baby Doll
A4 - Roy Gaines - Skippy Is A Sissy
A5 - Dave Travis & The Premiers - I Don't Like Him
A6 - Tony Casanova - Showdown
A7 - Rio Rockers - Mexicali Baby
A8 - Mel McGonnigle - Rattle Shakin' Mama
A9 - Gradie O'Neal - The Turkeyneck Stretch
B1 - Johnny Thompson - The 309
B2 - Danny Dell & The Trends - Froggy
B3 - Pico Pete - Chicken Little
B4 - Rudy Green - Juicy Fruit
B5 - Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers - Going My Way
B6 - Rhythm Rockers - Madness
B7 - Frantics Four - T.V. Mama
B8 - Dave 'Diddle' Ray - Blue Moon Baby
B9 - Crazy Teens - Crazy Date

Vinyl rip. HQ scans

3 commentaires:

frank tally a dit…

thank youuuuuu Aussie

Anonyme a dit…

Hi there

On Sin Alley Vol. 1, I get a sign that won't let me download it, could it be downloaded through Mega, I've had this before on Zippy.

Thank you


Uncle Gil a dit…

@Eddie: Sorry, I don't use Mega. There are some adf.ly skippers or blockers around. Try one of them with your browser. Ah, sometime Zippy use some ads. A free service is not always totally free.