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vendredi 19 janvier 2018

Looking At The World Through A Windshield

A1 - Truck Stop Rock
A2 - Truck Drivin' Man
A3 - Rip It Up
A4 - Cravin' Your Love
A5 - It Should've Been Me
A6 - Watch My .38
B1 - Semi Truck
B2 - Kentucky Hills of Tennessee
B3 - Looking At The World Through A Windshield
B4 - Diggy Liggy Lo
B5 - Mama Hated Diesels
B6 - Tutti Frutti

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil
I have already this album and one my favourites. Just taking the opportunity to welcome you back and I have missed your excellent posts this past week.

Pat a dit…

C'est vraiment Super, Merci Gil. Patrick

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Pat: Ravi de ton enthousiasme... Bonne journée !

Pat a dit…

"The World Through A Windshield" Album parfait pour la route avec l'entrée en matière "Truck Stop Rock", "Truck Drivin' Man" et le formidable "Mama Hated Diesels", quel plaisir de réécouter ça + deux titres de feu "Rip It Up" et le final Live "Tutti Frutti". Merci encore Gil. Bon Week-End.