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vendredi 12 janvier 2018

Ain't That Too Much

A1 - Hurtin' For You Baby
A2 - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
A3 - Born To Be A Rollin' Stone
A4 - Hi-Lili-Hi-Lo
A5 - Poor Man's Prison
B1 - Bird-Doggin'
B2 - I've Got My Eyes On You
B3 - Love Is A Bird
B4 - Ain't That Too Much
B5 - Lonely Street

Ripped from the copy used by Gene Vincent (himself!) for the rehearsals of his '67 french tour.

A6 - Words And Music
B6 - Am I That Easy To Forget

Ripped from the 1978 belgian reissue

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frank tally a dit…

thank you also 4 the - GENE VINCENT - Aussie