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dimanche 31 décembre 2017

Dog House Blues

01 - I'm An Old Wolf
02 - It's Your Turn To Cry
03 - One Sided Love Affair
04 - It's Raining Tears
05 - Dog House Blues
06 - Crazy Hazy Kisses
Home Made Comp

4 commentaires:

JohnnyDiego a dit…

I still love your home made covers. Looking at this one I swear I bought it in 1970 after rummaging through Woolwoorth's 89 cents bin.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Ah... thank you!

JohnnyDiego a dit…

I've changed. But this record hasn't. Thanks again, Uncle.

bopping a dit…

Who is going to find me a label scan of "Dog house blues" and "It's raining tears" (Speed 103) to be sent at: xavier.maire@free.fr? It's for a feature in bopping.org!