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dimanche 6 août 2017


1. Hom-Bru Boogie
2. A Kiss And A Memory
3. Poppin' Bubble Gum
4. The Tramp On The Street
5. Gonna Give You Back To The Indians
6. After We Are Through
7. Poppin' Bubble Gum
8. Juke Box Boogie
9. You Talk In Your Sleep
10. Step It Up And Go
11. After We Are Through
12. Lifetime To Regret
13. Fast Women Slow Horses And Wine
14. Move On Baby
15. I'm In Love Dear With Thee
16. I Courted An Angel
17. I Don't Talk To Strangers
18. Somebody Clipped Your Wings
19. Car Hoppin' Mama
20. Most Of All
21. San Antonio Rose
22. The Bible Tells Me So
23. Waiting For A Train
24. Long Tall Sally
25. Precious Memories
26. The Same Two Lips
27. If You Ever Fall In Love
28. A Kiss And A Memory
29. I Courted An Angel
30. Slowly Dying
31. You
32. Ten-E-Cee Hom-Bru

Found on the net. Posted by Stampede.

2 commentaires:

Duke Ellington a dit…

Uncle Gil can you please repost this?

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