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mardi 29 août 2017


952A - What Can I Do - Clyde Moody
952AA - Beautiful Brown Eyes - Clyde Moody
953A - Just Like Two Drops Of Water - Shorty Long
953AA - Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennesssee - Shorty Long
954A - Georgia Rose - Neal Burris
954AA - Popcorn - Neal Burris
955A - Little Book - Wade Mainer
955AA - Those Blues Eyes I Love - Wade Mainer
956A - I Ain't Nothin' But A Tomcat's Kitten - Wayne Raney
956AA - I'm On My Way - Wayne Raney
957A - You Better Save It For A Rainy Day - Hank Penny
957AA - You're So Different - Hank Penny
958A - I Hate To Be Jealous - Jimmie Osborne
958AA - Tell Me Daddy If You Know - Jimmie Osborne
959A - Quarantined Love - Bob Newman
959AA - Turtle Dovin' - Bob Newman
960A - I Got A Lot Of Time For A Lot Of Things - Zeb Turner
960AA - Back, Back, Back To Baltimore - Zeb Turner
961A - God Gave Me You - Ann Jones
961AA - Hi-Ballin' Daddy - Ann Jones
962A - Ashamed To Own The Blessed Saviour - Bailes Brothers
962AA - Somebody's Praying For You - Bailes Brothers
963A - The Hiccough Song - Mattie O'Neil & Salty Holmes
963AA - My Little Son's Plea - Mattie O'Neil & Salty Holmes

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doors97426 a dit…

Awesome one more step towards the goal of all of these Thank You so much