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dimanche 6 août 2017

Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool

A1 - Flip, Flop And Fly
A2 - Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool
A3 - There Ain't No Better Time
A4 - Long Time Gone
A5 - Shift Gears
A6 - You Made A Believer Out of Me
A7 - C'est Si Tout
A8 - It'll Be A Long, Long Time
B1 - Too Proud To Wear My Name
B2 - Try To Understand
B3 - Just A Few More Tears
B4 - What Has Become of You
B5 - Mine Forever
B6 - If You Love Me, Let Me Know It
B7 - That's How I Was Lost
B8 - Cry, Cry Darlin'

Vinyl rip. Covers, label

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