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mercredi 2 août 2017

My Kind Of Carryin' On

A1 - Charlie Feathers - Defrost Your Heart
A2 - Doug Poindexter - My Kind Of Carryin' On
A3 - Red Hadley - I'd Be A Millionaire (Unissued)
A4 - Maggie Sue Wimberly - How Long
A5 - Luke McDaniels - Uh Babe (Unissued)
A6 - The Miller Sisters - Chains Of Love (Unissued)
A7 - Billy Lee Riley - Trouble Bound
A8 - Carl Perkins - Sweetheart's Stranger (Unissued)
B1 - Jerry Lee Lewis - It All Depends
B2 - Ernie Chaffin - Feelin' Low
B3 - Mack Self - Easy To Love
B4 - Warren Smith - Blue Days And Black Nights (Unissued)
B5 - Johnny Cash - Come In Stranger (Unissued)
B6 - Jack Clement - The Black Haired Man
B7 - Jeanne Newman - Thanks A Lot
B8 - Dane Stinit - Sweet Country Girl

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

3 commentaires:

Jake a dit…

Hello Uncle Gil,

Many volumes in this series have megaupload links. Would it be possible to create new links? Thanks for preserving the vinyl era with great sounding rips.

Jake a dit…

Thanks so much!

Anonyme a dit…

Another stellar Sun compilation, full of masterpieces. Thsnks a lot for re-uploading it, Uncle Gil!.