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vendredi 25 août 2017

My Bebop Gal

01 - Boogie Disease
02 - Going To The River
03 - Good Thing Blues
04 - Turkey Leg Woman
05 - Country Clown
06 - My Bebop Gal
07 - Memphis Boogie (Juke Box Boogie-Take 1)
08 - Shake ‘Em On Down
09 - Down South Blues
10 - Shake A My Hand
11 - Little Soldier Boy
12 - Mississippi Blues (Cat Squirrel)
13 - Going Back South
14 - Dr - Ross (Chicago) Break Down-Take 2
15 - Taylor Mae
16 - Texas Hop
17 - Chicago Breakdown
18 - Juke Box Boogie-Take 2 (Memphis Boogie)
19 - Feel So Sad
20 - Polly Put Your Kettle On
21 - Industrial Avenue Boogie
22 - Downtown Boogie

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hotrodmike a dit…

Well, I tried and tried and can't get past those stupid ads. It's usually not a problem but its not working today. I just tried again and it's a talking ad. I've never had these problems with jiffyshare before. They suck today.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Sorry for you...
Since I use Firefox with "Adblock Plus", "UBlock Origin" and "NoScript" extensions, problems flew...
A precision: I use "Zippyshare", not "jiffyshare". Maybe, you're hacked :))

Mike Hanlon a dit…

Thanks Uncle, I haven't given up. I'll try again later. Just a brain fade when I typed jiffy instead of zippy. lol

hotrodmike a dit…

Took a bit of fooling with it but it finally cleared the ad page. Thanks a lot for the Dr. Ross.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Glad for you!