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jeudi 3 août 2017

Hi De Ho Boogie

876A - That's All She Wrote - Hawkshaw Hawkins
876AA - Yesterday's Kisses - Hawkshaw Hawkins
877A - Gotta Get Back To Dixie - Redd Stewart
877AA - Tomorrow You'll Be Married - Redd Stewart
878A - Helpless Heart - Jimmie Osborne
878AA - You Get The Roses, I Get The Thorns - Jimmie Osborne
879A - I'll Send You Kisses And Love - Dewey Price
879AA - Believe Me - Dewey Price
880A - I Like The Old Time Way - Shannon Grayson & His  Golden Valley Boys
880AA - I'm Gonna Walk On - Shannon Grayson & His  Golden Valley Boys
881A - Long Time Gone - York Brothers
881AA - Don't Let Our Love Die - York Brothers
882A - Racoon River - Bruce Culver
882AA - Buddy, Stay Off Of That Wine - Bruce Culver
883A - I'm Tying Up The Blues (In A Big Blue Ribbon) - Zeb Turner
883AA - Heard-Hearted You And Chicken-Hearted Me - Zeb Turner
884A - Walking With The Blues - Al Dexter
884AA - Hi De Ho Boogie - Al Dexter
885A - My True Confession - Cowboy Copas
885AA - Steppin' Out - Cowboy Copas
886A - Mona Lisa - Moon Mullican
886AA - Goodnight Irene - Moon Mullican
887A - Story Of The Orphan - Wayne Raney
887AA - I Want To Live With Mommy There - Wayne Raney

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3 commentaires:

doors97426 a dit…

Thank You for this post

Manny Kent a dit…

Hi Guys

First thanks to Uncle Gil for all the great posts may they long continue and secondly thanks for getting rid of the worst excesses of ad.fly. Whilst it still causes problems most of the music is now available with some patience. Despite ad.fly breaking the formatting of the download page from just about every storage provider I believe I have discovered a way to shortcut the problems meaning you don't on occasions have to reload the zippy download page or equivalent a dozen times or more as I have previously experienced before you manage to get the download started.

What you do is (and this is using firefox) go through the ad.fly process and get the download page up on zippy, yadi, mediafire etc in a firefox tab and then close it down again. Then open a new blank tab and go to the 'history' menu option. There will be a list of recent pages listed there including most recently the download page. Load the download page afresh from there and almost always I have found it will reload the download page properly formatted first time. Its still more messing around than perhaps is necessary but at least it cuts the overheads somewhat and in a reliable way. Hpe that helps those still having difficulties.....

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Manny Kent:
Thank you very much for the trick.
On my side (with Firefox) I do not have a "major" problem with adf.ly.
These are the Zippyshare redirects who are annoying.
Also check the browser cache for dangerous java scripts (* _ *. js).