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lundi 7 août 2017

French Fried Potatoes And Ketchup (UP)

Disc 1

A1. After Midnite
A2. My Baby's Boogying
A3. Darling How Long
A4. Down The Road Apiece
A5. Amo's Blues
A6. Amo's Boogie
A7. Don't Beg Me
A8. Operation Blues
B1. Cinch Blues
B2. Everything I Do Is Wrong
B3. My Love Is Limited
B4. Blues At Sundown
B5. Money Hustlin' Woman
B6. Sad And Blue
B7. That's My Chick

Disc 2

A1 - I've Tried To Prove My Love, Dear
A2 - Mean Woman
A3 - Aladdin Boogie
A4 - Nickel Plated Baby
A5 - Real Gone
A6 - Rainy Weather Blues (D)
A7 - Train Whistle Blues (D)
A8 - Train Time Blues (D)
B1 - What Can I Do
B2 - Bye Bye Boogie (D)
B3 - Pot Luck Boogie (D)
B4 - It's A Married Woman (E)
B5 - My Tortured Mind (E)
B6 - Don't Tell Her (E)
B7 - Hold Me Baby (E)

Disc 3

A1 - Chicken Shack Boogie (E)
A2 - Rapture In Bloom (E)
A3 - Hard Driving Blues (E)
A4 - I'm Gonna Leave You (E)
A5 - I Love Her (F)
A6 - Pool-Playing Blues (F)
A7 - Hen Party (F)
A8 - Rocky Road Blues (Tk 1)
B1 - Rocky Road Blues (Tk2) (F)
B2 - Lonesome For The Blues (F)
B3 - Slow Down Blues (F)
B4 - Anybody's Blues (G)
B5 - It Took A Long, Long Time (G)
B6 - Wolf On The River (G)
B7 - I Still Love You (G)

Disc 4

A1. Frank's Blues (G)
A2. Empty Arms Blues (G)
A3. Bewildered (H)
A3. Walkin' Blues (J)
A4. A&M Blues (H)
A5. In The Middle Of The Night (I)
A6. Won't You Kinda Think It Over (I)
A7. Jitterbug Fashion Parade (I)
A8. Where Are You (I)
B1. My Luck Is Bound To Change (I)
B2. Roomin' House Boogie (J)
B3. Walkin' Blues (J)
B4. Blue And Lonesome (J)
B5. Bow-Wow (K)
B6. Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby (K)
B7. Drifting Blues (K)

Disc 5

A1 - Real Pretty Mama (K)
A2 - Untitled Boogie (K)
A3 - Johnson Rag (L)
A4 - Melting Blues (L)
A5 - Can't You See What You're Doing To Me (L)
A6 - Play It Straight Baby (L)
A7 - Square Dance Boogie (L)
A8 - Square Dance Boogie (Alt - Arr)(L)
B1 - Donald's Idea (L)
B2 - Boogie Woogie (L)
B3 - Atomic Baby (M)
B4 - She's Gone Again (M)
B5 - Just A Fool In Love (M)
B6 - Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone (M)
B7 - Button Your Lip (M)

Disc 6

A1. Sax Shack Boogie (M)
A2. Birmingham Bounce (N)
A3. Let's Rock Awhile (O)
A4. Hard Luck Blues (O)
A5. Two Years Of Torture (O)
A6. Remember (O)
A7. I'm Gonna Tell My Mama (O)
B1. Bad, Bad Whiskey (O)
B2. Everybody Clap Hands (O)
B3. Tears, Tears, Tears (O)
B4. Glory Of Love (O)
B5. I Love You Anyway (Q
B6. Ain't Nothing Shaking (Q)
B7. Real Crazy (Q)

Disc 7

A1. That Was Your Last Mistake-Goodbye (Q)
A2. Women, Women (Q)
A3. Just One More Drink (Q)
A4. Thinking And Drinking
A5. Put Something In My Hand
A6. Trouble In Mind
A7. Squeeze My Blues Away
B1. Flying Home (S)
B2. Roll Mr. Jelly (S)
B3. I Won't Be A Foolanymore (S)
B4. Long, Long Day (T)
B5. I'm Still A Fool For You (U)
B6. Boo Hoo (U)
B7. Rocky Mountain (U)

Disc 8

A1. Greyhound (U)
A2. Kiss Me Again (1st Version) (U)
A3. Stormy Weather (U)
A4. Kiss Me Again (U)
A5. Rock, Rock, Rock (U)
A6. Three Times A Fool (V)
A7. Why Don't You Do Right (V)
B1. Let Me Go Home, Whiskey (V)
B2. Please Mr. Johnson (V)
B3. Let's Have A Party (W)
B4. Without Someone To Call Your Own (W)
B5. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (W)
B6. Sorrowful Heart (W)
B7. Let's Have A Party (X)

Disc 9

A1. How Could You Hurt Me So (X)
A2. Good, Good Whiskey (X)
A3. After Awhile (Y)
A4. Baby, Baby (All The Time) (Y)
A5. Milk And Water (Y)
A6. One, Two, Three, Everybody (Z)
A7. That's It (Z)
B1. Vicious, Vicious Vodka (Z)
B2. I Done Done It (Z)
B3. I'm Falling For You (Aa)
B4. My Happiness Depends On You (Bb)
B5. All Is Well (Bb)
B6. House Party (Tonight) (Bb)
B7. I Guess I'll Go (Bb)

Disc 10

A1. I Need Someone (Cc)
A2. Juice Juice Juice (Cc)
A3. I'll Be True (Cc)
A4. French Fried Potatoes And Ketchup (Cc)
A5. Chicken Shack Boogie (Dd)
A6. Every Day Of The Week (Dd)
A7. Girl Of My Dreams (Dd)
B1. Dar Angel (Dd)
B2. Shake Shake (Dd)
B3. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (Dd)
B4. We Teenagers Know What We Want (Ee)
B5. Rum And Coca-Cola (Ee)
B6. Soft Pillow (Ee)
B7. Thinking Of You Baby (Ee)

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

21 commentaires:

meuchk a dit…

Mon cher Gilles

Merci pour tout ce que tu fais.

Je n'arrive pas à "joindre" le site d'Harlan Taylor pour "downloader" ses albums.

Comment fais-tu?
Merci de me faire part de ton avis.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Cher Claude,
Il me semble que Harlan vient de privatiser à nouveau son blog...

meuchk a dit…

Donc pour toi aussi, tu n'as aucun moyen de "downloader" ses fichiers.

Anonyme a dit…

Never could afford these awesome Mosaic box sets (their catalogue is incredible), but Amos Milburn being one of my favourite artists, I thank you most sincerly for posting this masterpiece.

The Magnificent Goldberg a dit…




Anonyme a dit…

Can't unzip any folders past disc 6. Would really like the whole set. What's my problem? Thanks for all the other stuff. I'll check back.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Vol. 7 to 10 works fine for me, right now. I have used 7Zip and Winrar.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks, I still had the old 7zip back in the program files. It hasn't been showing up since I installed a new do-it-all prog. Guess it doesn't do it all after all. Thanks again, Unc!

Slackjack a dit…

Thank you so much for these and all your wonderful postings

rm a dit…

merci beaucoup

Mister Moon a dit…

Wonderful box set.

Amos was great, and his Aladdin recordings show him at his very best.

Many thanks, Uncle Gil.

PS. - Wasn't this set reissued years later in CD format ?

Uncle Gil a dit…

"Wasn't this set reissued years later in CD format ?"

You're right, Mister Moon.

Mister Moon a dit…

Thank you, Uncle Gil.

Currently dl the Little Walter and Roulette compilations.

This site is the coolest !

Thanks !

BoogieBoy a dit…

well I have the same problem I can open file 7,8,9,10, I can see but I can't open, what can I do to resolve ? thanks for your time

Uncle Gil a dit…

@BoogieBoy: Right now, every file is working fine...

Unknown a dit…

Gil, Is it possible to re-post this wonderful Mosaic collection of Amos Milburn? I missed it the first time. Thanks, Sam

muddyw123 a dit…

What a great upload! Masterpieces. Love it. Thanks So Much.

Nappyrags a dit…

Que Suave! Thanks Mucho

David Federman a dit…

Thank you for this. God, I wish I had bought this when it was available. This and Mosaic's Charles Brown set.

Unknown a dit…

Merci, Gil!

Blogger a dit…

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