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mardi 11 juillet 2017

Wheels Of Rock'n'Roll

A1 - Let's Have A Party
A2 - Long-Legged Guitar Picking Man
A3 - Losing Game
A4 - My Party
A5 - Right Or Wrong
A6 - Good Bye
A7 - Mean Mean Man
B1 - Jackson
B2 - It's My Job
B3 - Summer On My Mind
B4 - Crying In The Chapel
B5 - 5-4-3-2-1
B6 - Wheels Of Rock'n'Roll

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6 commentaires:

musicyoucan a dit…

Hi dear Uncle Gil :
Malware detected when We try to download. It was not the case for your other today posts.
regards and thanks

Uncle Gil a dit…

@musicyoucan : Just tested few times without problem(s) except some intrusive ads from Zippyshare. I'm looking for another free and fast download server. Zippy is now full of bad ads, Mediafire works with Amazon...

musicyoucan a dit…

Understood Uncle Gil.
Life is effectively more difficult now for clean people such as You.
I take the opportunity to thank You. I'm following your blof for so many years. A daily addiction
Thanks again

Anonyme a dit…

The link doesn't work. It just comes up with some fake malicious ad reporting form from the website "tinyical.com" that goes nowhere which I presume is yet another piece of unusable rubbish to do with Ad.fly

Uncle Gil a dit…

Anonyme: Hello,
Adf.ly is (almost) innocent of the turpitudes you describe. Zippy is guilty since some time ...
Do you have a solution?
All the best.

BTW, who are you?

musicyoucan a dit…

Dear Uncle Gil,
I'm always, and it is the case for all music blogroll, surprised when somebody requires something and is Anonyme. You, Uncle Gil are not Anonyme. How to give an answer to an Anonyme. In the real life it id not possible. On the Web it should be not possible too.
regards and Thanks for your blog