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mercredi 12 juillet 2017

The Code Of The Mountains

776A - All Because Of My Jealous Heart - Hawkshaw Hawkins
776B - Life Lost Its Color (When I Lost My Love) - Hawkshaw Hawkins
777A - Candy Kisses - Cowboy Copas
777B - Forever - Cowboy Copas
778A - When I'm In My Indiana Home - Redd Stewart
778AA - Blow Out the Candles - Redd Stewart
779A - Texas Boogie - Paul Howard & His Arkansas Cotton Pickers
779AA - Torn Between True Love And Desire - Paul Howard & His Arkansas Cotton Pickers
780A - When They Baptised Sister Lucy Lee - Shelton Brothers
780AA - Match Box Blues - Shelton Brothers
781A - Perhaps It Is Better That Way - Redd Stewart
781AA - Alone - Redd Stewart
782A - Blue Mexico Skies - Clyde Moody
782AA - Over the Hill - Clyde Moody
783A - There's A Chill On The Hill Tonight - Moon Mullican
783AA - Sweeter Than The Flowers No. 2 - Moon Mullican
784A - Weary Day - Delmore Brothers
784AA - Down Home Boogie - Delmore Brothers
785A - I Made A Covenant With The Lord - Browns Ferry Four
785AA - I'll Fly Away - Browns Ferry Four
786A - Those Dreams Are Gone - Texas Ruby & Curly Fox
786AA - The Code Of The Mountains - Texas Ruby & Curly Fox
787A - A Package Of Lies Tied In Blue - Cowboy Copas
787AA - It's Wrong To Love You Like I Do - Cowboy Copas

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musicyoucan a dit…

Hi dear Uncle Gil :
Malware detected when We try to download. It is also the case for your 2 other today posts.
The issue was the same yesterday, but only for one of your posts.
It seems not on my computer (You are the only one site where I met this such issue).
I apoligize, but i don't have any solution to solve this issue. Six months ago I met the same problem, without solution, and the site used also adf on top of zippyshare. I tried during several weeks to workaround the issue, without success.
Regards and Thanks

Uncle Gil a dit…

I just tested with three different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
The result is the same (without adblocker):
1-First page: tinycal-adf.ly with passive advertising
2-Automatic redirection to Mediafire without intermediate advertising.
3-Access to download ...
I also specify that I only use the integrated MSDefender as anti-virus. Nothing sophisticated ...
I'm sorry for you.
I'm still looking for an alternative ...

Uncle Gil a dit…

@musicyoucan : Right now, more than one hundred downloads since five hours without another complaint...
It would be useful to me to have other experiences.
Hey you nieces and nephews ?

musicyoucan a dit…

@dear Uncle
Sorry for all this pain I'm communicating.
I removed my three ADblockers (AdBlock Plus, u Block Origin and Adguard AdBlocker) from my three navigators (Firefox, IE and Chrome).
I rebooted my system.
With Firefox, the blocking issue is always the same with an html page indicating I've already ADBlockers. It is no the case, but probably there are always scories in my registry.
With Chrome, I was able to download your uploads (The five they were blocking), but at the end of each downlad after several strange windows, Chrome is blocked and I've to cancel Chrome from the task manager.
To summarize, I've always technically the issue, but with an workaround I was able to download the music (without AD Blocker, only with Chrome, cancel Chrome after each download).
So please, don't spend anytime on the subject and I apologize for all these exchanges.
The only Bullshit I've now, it will be a pain when I will visit yous site, if i want download music.
Regards and Thanks again

Anonyme a dit…

I am unable to download this file.

Norton Safe Web has analyzed tinyical.com for safety and security problems.

It has found an Identity Threat!

Thank you.

Anonyme a dit…

I'm using Chrome & Adguard 6.1 - no problems with D/L...