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vendredi 7 juillet 2017

Tennessee Moon

713A - Oklahoma Waltz - Jack Perry & The Lightcrust Doughboys
713B - Oh My Aching Back - Jack Perry & The Lightcrust Doughboys
714A - Tennessee Moon - Cowboy Copas
714B - The Hope Of A Broken Heart - Cowboy Copas
715A - My Heart Echoes - Jimmy Osborne
715B - Your Lies Have Broken My Heart - Jimmy Osborne
716A - It's Over Forever - Curly Fox & Texas Ruby
716B - The Wreck Of The 1256 - Curly Fox & Texas Ruby
717A - I'm On My Way Somewhere - Grandpa Jones
717B - The Baldheaded End Of The Broom - Grandpa Jones
718A - Peach Tree Street Boogie - Delmore Bros.
718B - Take It To the Captain - Delmore Bros.
719A - Jole Blon's Ghost - Wayne Raney
719B - Lost John Boogie - Wayne Raney
720A - I Can't Tell My Broken Heart A Lie - Hawkshaw Hawkins
720B - Dog House Boogie - Hawkshaw Hawkins
721A - Glow Worm - Homer & Jethro
721B - It's A Bloody War - Homer & Jethro
722A - What My Eyes See My Heart Believes - Moon Mullican
722B - Wait A Minute - Moon Mullican
723A - Sweet Anita - York Bros.
723B - It Ain't No Good - York Bros.
724A - I'm Not Turning Backward - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers
724B - The Forks Of The Road - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers
725A - Forever Far Apart - Jimmie Osborne
725B - It's So Hard To Smile - Jimmie Osborne

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Countryhank a dit…

Hello Uncle Gil, adfly seem to blocke this download, can you please check it?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi countryhank: I just tested the link. It works perfectly on my side.
I try Mediafire for a while instead of Zippyshare. The latter is more and more intrusive with its redirections towards bad advertisements.

Anonyme a dit…

The reason I started using adblockers was to stop all the garbage mediafire threw up when you used it. Now Ad.Fly is making an even bigger mess of Mediafire than it does zippyshare. Your problem is the intrusiveness of Ad'fly not zippy or mediafire