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mardi 18 juillet 2017

Rockin' With Rhythm And Blues

A01 - Jim Alley - Dig That Rock'n Roll
A02 - Jerry Parsons - Don't Need No Job
A03 - Jerry Parsons - Undecided
A04 - Norman Witcher - Wake Me Up
A05 - Norman Witcher - Somebody's Been Rockin' My Boat
A06 - Jerry Neal - Oh Baby
A07 - Lawson Rudd - Shake This Town
A08 - Jimmy Gazberg - Hang Out
A09 - Tommy Lam - Speed Limit
A10 - Tommy Lam - Blue Willow
B01 - Ronnie Haig - Rockin' With Rhythm And Blues
B02 - Ronnie Haig - Money Is A Thing Of The Past
B03 - The Denhams - Cry Baby Cry
B04 - Jerry Siefert - Dirty White Bucks (And Tight Pegged Pants)
B05 - Jerry Siefert - Never Baby Never
B06 - The Five Stars - Friction
B07 - Rusty York - Sugaree (Note)
B08 - Jimmy Gazberg - White Saddle Shoes
B09 - Shorty Sergent - Record Hop
B10 - Skip Cody - Feets Too Big

Vinyl rip. Artwork

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

i Uncle Gil

Thank you for this first lp from Wendy Records, looking forward to more.

Thanks again.

Rocking Eddie

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Rocking Eddie: this is the only one I have in my shelves.
The other ones comes from the net often without artwork...
Keep rockin'!

Anonyme a dit…

in the past i was able to buy wendi vol 13 and vol 14 and been searching in vain ever since until now . thanks uncle gil. any more volumes would be greatly appreciated. any idea what web sites would have more. keith