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jeudi 13 juillet 2017

Hillbilly Be-Bop

788A - A Bundle Of Kisses - Jimmie Osborne
788AA - The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus - Jimmie Osborne
789A - I've Been Lonesome Since You Went Away - Paul Howard & his Arkansas Cotton Pickers
789AA - You Left A Red Cross On My Heart - Paul Howard & his Arkansas Cotton Pickers
790A - A Drunkard's Confession - Zeb Turner
790AA - Tennessee Boogie - Zeb Turner
791A - Don't Know Why - Wayne Raney
791AA - Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me - Wayne Raney
792A - Aggravatin' Lou From Louisville - Red Perkins
792AA - Hoe-Down Boogie - Red Perkins
793A - Would You Like To Have A Broken Heart - Hawkshaw Hawkins
793AA - The Longer We're Together (The More We Drift Apart) - Hawkshaw Hawkins
794A - I Ain't Got Much To Lose - Grandpa Jones & his Grandchildren
794AA - You'll Make Our Shack A Mansion - Grandpa Jones & his Grandchildren
795A - Sweet Talking Mama - Hank Penny
795AA - Hillbilly Be-Bop - Hank Penny
796A - You Had Your Way - Moon Mullican
796AA - What Have I Done That Made You Go Away - Moon Mullican
797A - Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine - Redd Stewart & his Kentucky Colonels
797AA - When You Are Waltzing With The One That You Love - Redd Stewart & his Kentucky Colonels
798A - Keep A-Talkin' Baby - Milton Estes
798AA - Red Rosy Cheeks And Big Brown Eyes - Milton Estes
799A - Over In The Glory Land - Brown's Ferry Four
799AA - After The Sunrise - Brown's Ferry Four

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6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I see you have changed one of the blocked files from yesterday so it accessible but not the other two. Pity because the Gene Vincent file looked quite good.

However, you have blocked this one on mediafire today (you can see the tinyical.com link from the main page). Why bother having a blog like this at all if you are going to randomly block access to the files?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hello dear Anonym,
I don't want going to randomly block access to the files !
I try to do my best to satisfy everybody ! When I say everybody, I mean YOU and ME !!!
But I can't do nothing for those who use bad configured firewalls, exotic anti-virus, adblockers, infected browsers, aso.
Is it your case? Because hundreds of visitors CAN downloading the files without complaint.
All the best, dear Anonym ! ... and thanks to visit!

bigcravings a dit…

I've always been able to d/l your files until today for some reason. It's not the regular adfly but an immediate error page that I'm sent to. I have everything configured correctly (as a big fan of your site). Maybe it's just adfly's issues right now.

SWingB a dit…

Uncle Gil, do you or anyone else have that Hank Penny 'Hillbilly Be-Bop' disc that came out in 2002 as Hank Penny King Anthology 1944-1950? It had an alternaye take of Hillbilly Be-Bop and a few other tunes. Anyone? Thanks in advance! Appreciate the King series so much - WOW!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@SWingB: Sorry, I don't have this album...
Nieces, nephews ?

SWingB a dit…

It was posted way back on Rockin' Gypsy's old blog... back in the day of mega-up. Maybe someone snagged it. I used to have it. :(