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mercredi 26 juillet 2017

Classic! Bop Cat Bop

A1 - Charlie Bop Trio - Mr. Big Feet
A2 - Ferlin Huskey - Slow Down Brother
A3 - Ray Parks - You're Gonna Have To Ball That's All
A4 - The Farmer Boys - My Baby Done Left Me
A5 - Merrill E. Moore - Boogie My Blues Away
A6 - Rose Maddox - My Little Baby
A7 - The Farmer Boys - Cool Down Mama
A8 - Jimmy Heap - Sebbin Come Elebbin
B1 - Simon Crum - Bop Cat Bop
B2 - Johnny Fallin - Party Kiss
B3 - Bobby Norris - I Went Rockin'
B4 - Merrill E. Moore - Saddle Boogie
B5 - Kenny Loran - I Chickened Out
B6 - Bobby Louis - Cell Of Love
B7 - Faron Young - I Can't Dance
B8 - Bobby Lee Trammell - You Mostest Girl

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

6 commentaires:

grrrjames a dit…

Wonderful collection - thanks

oldrockboy a dit…

Please re-post this, I lost it.

oldrockboy a dit…

Thank you for this great and fast support.

Duke Ellington a dit…

Can you please do a repost of the Farmer Boys LP?

Anonyme a dit…

The link has gone dead, Uncle!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Serge: New link added...