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lundi 31 juillet 2017

Chief Sitting Bull

A1 - Memphis Down In Dixie - Slim Rhodes - Delmore Brothers
A2 - Earl Peterson - Alimony Blues
A3 - Red Hadley - If I Has As Much Money
A4 - Hank Williams - Window Shopping (Added Echo)
A5 - Dub Deckelman - Daydreamin'
A6 - Maggie Sue Wimberly - Daydream Come True
A7 - Joe 'Cannonball' Lewis - Train Whistle Nightmare
A8 - Billy Riley - Chief Sitting Bull
A9 - Charlie Feathers - Send Me The Pillow
B1 - Jack Earls - Crawdad Hole
B2 - Jimmy Haggett - No More
B3 - Jimmy Haggett - They Call Our Love A Sin
B4 - Gene Simmons - A Peroxyde Blonde
B5 - Ted Newton's Tennessee Rhythm Boys - Save Me The Label
B6 - Eddie Bond - Juke Joint Johnny
B7 - Pat Ferguson - Fool I Am
B8 - Charlie & Wanda Feathers - Two To Choose
B9 - Marcus Van Story - For Old Time Sake

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

5 commentaires:

Fede Ricko a dit…

WOW!!! Many of my favorites artists from Sun Records!! Can't wait for enjoy it!!!

It's very interesting for me because I've heard only one song by Maggie Sue Wimberley (How Long), included in that legendary vinyl from Sun Records "Cotton City Country" that you posted few days ago.

Merci Uncle Gil!!! Gracias!!

Colonel Dan a dit…

I Hate To Bother You,But Yours,Being The Best Site,I Thought I Might Have A Chance In My Search.
I'm Desperately Seeking The Song "Stompin'Roaches" By Wilbur Walker.It Was On "Phillips Doo Wop" & Can Also Be Found On A Comp Called "Let's Stomp" (All Songs Have The Word "Stomp" In The Title).
Anyways,Thanks For Your Time & Keep Up The Phenomenal Work!
All The Best,
Colonel Dan

Uncle Gil a dit…

Sorry Colonel Dan. I can't find this track.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Colonel Dan : Jukebox Story post it!

jdogg a dit…

Please re-up. I live in Memphis and have never seen this. Thanks.